Thursday, December 9, 2010

America Needs a Jobs Race to the Top, Jennifer Granholm, Huffington Post

A reply to Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm's, December 9, 2010 article in the Huffington Post:

Great idea, Governor!

Here's some happy numbers related to renewable energy: aggressive deployment of renewable energy and efficiency will yield 4.5 million new, well-paid jobs, that can't be off-shored­, by 2030. And we generate $4.3 trillion in domestic revenue. more: http://com­pletelybak­ed.blogspo­­/08/keep-d­oing-what-­we-been-do­ing-destro­y.html

I would discourage citing nuclear power as a viable clean energy option. It is not a least cost solution, and every dollar spent on nuclear is like ten dollars diverted from renewables because of the cost and delays inherent in nuclear power. And it will do nothing to avert catastroph­ic global warming -- it takes to long to build the plants. more: http://com­pletelybak­ed.blogspo­­/12/nukes-­will-do-no­thing-to-p­revent.htm­l

Thanks for devoting so much of your energy to renewable energy. Peace out.
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