Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Welfare for Rich People

 Senator Sanders On Bush Tax Cut Extension -- Sign the petition here => No Extension

Wow, the hits keep coming. The Obama Administration seems to get nothing right. Who is President Obama taking advice from, Mitch McConnell? Their decision to extend the Bush tax cuts is nuts. Nuts! We’re gonna take on more debt in order to save rich people, millionaires, like $70,000 a year. And then, working schmucks will be paying for years -- diverting money from better uses -- to finance that debt. This is insane.

President Obama should have been out in front of this before the midterms and said no, no extension of any tax cuts, for anyone. And yes, we will extend unemployment benefits. And yes, we will have additional stimulus spending, as nearly every marginally sane economic guru suggests. Not that I trust economic gurus at all -- remember, they gave us “free trade,” which pretty much destroyed our economy. But stimulus spending worked in the past, and it just makes common sense: put poor, unemployed people to work so they, and they’re kids, don’t starve to death. And the rich people who made a pile in the safe harbor this country provides them? Safe harbor at the expense of the middle class? Let the rich pay. Let the rich pay for once. What the hell is so difficult to understand about that?

Why couldn’t our President and the feckless Democrats in Congress stand up for what’s right, just once, and let Republicans struggle and strain to explain why they don’t support extending unemployment benefits, and why they don’t support putting the unemployed to work via more stimulus spending. The President should have let them explain their hostility toward working people right before the elections. Democrats too, for that matter.

But no. President Obama buys into this nonsense that tax cuts for rich people -- so rich people can stock up on more oil and gold futures -- will improve the lives of everyone. Republicans don’t even believe that nonsense. And they don’t care. The avowed and enduring Republican goal is to bankrupt the government so that every non-defense program can be cut from the ledger, and their rich puppeteers can keep more money in their pockets. Starve the beast. Of course, defense-spending stays  ---- the Republicans’ rich puppeteers need the Pentagon to protect their overseas investments.

Shame on President Obama, shame on Congress, shame on the Democratic Party.

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