Thursday, December 16, 2010

How Did Congress Vote On HR4853: Middle Class Tax Relief Act of 2010?

Update: Both houses have now weighed in, so you check the roll call for the House of Representatives, too.

Middle Class Tax Relief Act of 2010: House of Representatives Roll Call

Find out where your senators came down on the bill continue $70,000 extend tax cuts for millionaires (in exchange for Republicans agreeing to throw crumbs to the unemployed):

Middle Class Tax Relief Act of 2010: Senate Roll Call

And if they voted "Yea," and you're UNHAPPY, or they voted "Nay," and you are HAPPY, call or e-mail them, now! Here's where you can find them:

Meanwhile, Robert Reich says: "If we put a 2% surcharge on millionaires and 5% on billionaires, instead of cutting their taxes, the long-term deficit would disappear."

Maybe the President will veto his own deal?

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