Monday, September 19, 2011

#takewallstreet #occupywallstreet

Some say occupywallstreet has not articulated their complaints clearly enough. I disagree. If you listen to what occupiers talk about in their live feed, or read what is on their website,, or on the adbusters page devoted to occupywallstreet, or on the Facebook page, or the NYC General Assembly page, the motives of occupywallstreet become eminently clear. Those who don't understand, need to clear the scales from their eyes, as one old book put it.

It may be presumptuous of me, but here are a few ideas I think -- or have gathered -- the occupywallstreet protesters are sacrificing their time, and risking their safety for:
  • It's about greed-blinded corporatism, not genuine, free-market commerce
  • It's about free-market capitalism, not unlawfully-fixed-market capitalism
  • It's about fair trade, not job-stealing, free-trade empty promises of prosperity
  • It's about outsourcing jobs and offshoring profits and de-unionizing wage earners
  • It's about no healthcare for working poor, but bailouts for the rich -- cheers
  • It's about tax-free private-equity takeover and liquidation of mfg jobs & knowhow
  • It's about 15% cap gain regressive tax rewards for selling out the middle class
  • It's about regressive tax law that concentrate wealth among those who destroy us
  • It's about privatizing profit for 1% and socializing loss at the expense of 99%
  • It's about trading broad, tolerant prosperity for narrow, hateful oligarchy
  • It's about commodity speculation imposing de facto taxes on trampled wage-earners
  • It's about a securities transaction tax to quench speculation and fund prosperity
  • It's about a securities transaction tax to diminish speculation induced inflation
  • It's about educating the duped who don't know they've been duped
  • It's about saving agriculture from corporatist monoculture and toxic GMO's
  • It's about squandering more on defense than the next 18 big spenders combined
  • It's about Congress, the Executive, and Judiciary bought by corporate lobbyists
  • * It's about Constitution trampling, police-state, "Patriot" Act surveillance
  • It's about the impossibility of repaying usurious student loans if no jobs exist
  • It's about Constitution trampling, police-state, surveillance of citizens
  • It's about austerity measures during a depression leading to trickle down disaster
  • It's about gambling with and losing other people's money, then demanding charity
  • It's about people who drink corporatist Kool-Aid, and the rest of US get hungover
  • It's about lazy laggards who cling to lobbied-for-and-obediently-legislated-filthy-stolen-lucre

A modest demand: before the 99% votes for them, let's insist politicians register as independents & refuse corporate $$$

Read more about this artificially concocted "economic crisis."

Update 10-Oct:
Former Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) concisely summarizes what he thinks Occupy Wall Street is all about (I think he is right, and I suspect most protesters would agree):

Update 3-Oct: I don't know what to call this except a big can of whoop-ass opened up on Fox News by a guy with some serious interview game. Hoo-rah for the man on the street. I'm mad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it any-f-ing more!

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at

From Flux, Media Center, OccupyWallStreet, Zucotti Park -- give it a look, it's impressive:


  1. thanks :) let's hope the occupywallstreet folks get the attention they deserve...

  2. Just want to let you know that I think all of you involved in this global revolution are doing a great job!

  3. Right on! I second that emotion -- I'm not there, so I can't say I'm truly involved, but I'm behind those brave citizens 100%. (And I'm one of the 99%.)

  4. I like this! Here were some more thoughts about what the protest is about:

  5. Right on. I will take a look at that link.

  6. I have been trying to teach these principles before the movement gets hijacked by the radical right and their Fox Network rhetoric foghorn.The protesters need to be clear about the hybridized corporate-government communist oligarchy that's in place and its take back to feudalism times with the government theories which never died,only got renamed.They need to be clear about the fact that capitalism and free market concepts got hijacked so badly by special interests,that you can't even choose to buy USA products because you lost your choice. They need to be clear about representative democracy and voting by proxy hasn't worked and the only honesty in voting will be when we the people vote directly on every issue and on all money that government spends,grants or pushes out the back door secretly through tax loopholes and military spending. They need to understand corporate socialism and the fact that the people of this country are not the problem, the corporate-government/communism is. hybrid is. If they don't learn this,the media and special interests will try to spin this movement into rhetoric that will terrify the rest of the country because they are terrified what they can not understand and choose to believe anything that is wrapped up in a family values facade.

  7. And it really ought to include taking control over the USA budget and reviewing all laws voted in during the past 50 years and those pending.These laws need to be shortened to a two paragraph explanation of the law, the net affects the costs and source of funding.If we had done this 60 years ago,the military would never have been allowed to experiment on us over 240 times with nuclear,chemical and now nanotechnology biological warfare.We would have been able to control the money they were given and what it was used for.Research Morgellons disease and the military nanotechnology/ chemtrails links. All of these attacks have been on the population centers of the USA.There are over 20,000 USA victims of biological warfare in the last two years. Humans should not have nanotechnology optical fibers crawling out of their bodies and polymer parasites that have cloned themselves. There is only one explanation for this. And who is controlling this military and funding them and their private contractors? If we had a direct vote instead of a proxy vote,this would never have happened.


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