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Platform of the Progressive Party

I borrowed this from the PBS page: 
American Experience: The Presidents: Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President

Good for them for posting it. Thanks, PBS.

Funny that this party platform comes from a former REPUBLICAN . My, how things change. And, how they stay the same of course -- witness the part about outsized and corrupt corporate influence. 

(The part about developing coal and other natural resources in the section labeled "Alaska" is a glaring exception to the relevance of this document today. That section is very modern Republican, and I guarantee Mr. Roosevelt would not stand by those assertions today -- the section labeled "Conservation" makes this clear to anyone but a modern Republican.)
Cheers, Teddy Roosevelt for your courage, and your convictions, both of which most politicians lack nowadays. Sad, that.

Anyway, with some minor tweaking, one could start a party on this plank tomorrow, and maybe even get elected, that is if the candidate was heard by anyone. Which is unlikely for lots of reasons. Maybe I'll resurrect the "Bull Moose" party. That would be a hoot!

August 7, 1912

Declaration of Principles of the Progressive Party

The conscience of the people, in a time of grave national problems, has called into being a new party, born of the Nation's awakened sense of justice. We of the Progressive Party here dedicate ourselves to the fulfillment of the duty laid upon us by our fathers to maintain that government of the people, by the people and for the people whose foundation they laid.

We hold with Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln that the people are the masters of their Constitution, to fulfill its purposes and to safeguard it from those who, by perversion of its intent, would convert it into an instrument of injustice. In accordance with the needs of each generation the people must use their sovereign powers to establish and maintain equal opportunity and industrial justice, to secure which this Government was founded and without which no republic can endure.

This country belongs to the people who inhabit it. Its resources, its business, its institutions and its laws should be utilized, maintained or altered in whatever manner will best promote the general interest.
It is time to set the public welfare in the first place.

The Old Parties

Political parties exist to secure responsible government and to execute the will of the people.

From these great tasks both of the old parties have turned aside. Instead of instruments to promote the general welfare, they have become the tools of corrupt interests which use them impartially to serve their selfish purposes. Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government, owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.

To destroy this invisible government, to dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day.

The deliberate betrayal of its trust by the Republican Party, and the fatal incapacity of the Democratic Party to deal with the new issues of the new time, have compelled the people to forge a new instrument of government through which to give effect to their will in laws and institutions.

Unhampered by tradition, uncorrupted by power, undismayed by the magnitude of the task, the new party offers itself as the instrument of the people to sweep away old abuses, to build a new and nobler commonwealth.

A Covenant with the People

This declaration is our covenant with the people, and we hereby bind the party and its candidates in State and Nation to the pledges made herein.

The Rule of the People

The Progressive Party, committed to the principle of government by a self-controlled democracy expressing its will through representatives of the people, pledges itself to secure such alterations in the fundamental law of the several States and of the United States as shall insure the representative character of the Government.

In particular, the party declares for direct primaries for nomination of State and National officers, for Nation-wide preferential primaries for candidates for the Presidency, for the direct election of United States Senators by the people; and we urge on the States the policy of the short ballot, with responsibility to the people secured by the initiative, referendum and recall.

Amendment of Constitution

The Progressive Party, believing that a free people should have the power from time to time to amend their fundamental law so as to adapt it progressively to the changing needs of the people, pledges itself to provide a more easy and expeditious method of amending the Federal Constitution.

Nation and State

Up to the limit of the Constitution, and later by amendment of the Constitution, if found necessary, we advocate bringing under effective national jurisdiction those problems which have expanded beyond reach of the individual states.

It is as grotesque as it is intolerable that the several States should by unequal laws in matter of common concern become competing commercial agencies, barter the lives of their children, the health of their women and the safety and well-being of their working people for the profit of their financial interests.

The extreme insistence on States' rights by the Democratic Party in the Baltimore platform demonstrates anew its inability to understand the world into which it has survived or to administer the affairs of a Union States which have in all essential respects become one people.

Social and Industrial Strength

The supreme duty of the Nation is the conservation of human resources through an enlightened measure of social and industrial justice. We pledge ourselves to work unceasingly in State and Nation for:--
Effective legislation looking to the prevention of industrial accidents, occupational diseases, overwork, involuntary unemployment, and other injurious effects incident to modern industry;

The fixing of minimum safety and health standards for the various occupations, and the exercise of the public authority of State and Nation, including the Federal control over inter-State commerce and the taxing power, to maintain such standards;

The prohibition of child labor;

Minimum wage standards for working women, to provide a living scale in all industrial occupations;
The prohibition of night work for women and the establishment of an eight hour day for women and young persons;

One day's rest in seven for all wage-workers;

The abolition of the convict contract labor system; substituting a system of prison production for governmental consumption only; and the application of prisoners' earnings to the support of their dependent families;

Publicity as to wages, hours and conditions and labor; full reports upon industrial accidents and diseases, and the opening to public inspection of all tallies, weights, measures and check systems on labor products;
Standards of compensation for death by industrial accident and injury and trade diseases which will transfer the burden of lost earnings from the families of working people to the industry, and thus to the community;

The protection of home life against the hazards of sickness, irregular employment and old age through the adoption of a system of social insurance adapted to American use;

The development of the creative labor power of America by lifting the last load of illiteracy from American youth and establishing continuation schools for industrial education under public control and encouraging agricultural education and demonstration in rural schools;

The establishment of industrial research laboratories to put the methods and discoveries of science at the service of American producers.

We favor the organization of the workers, men and women as a means of protecting their interests and of promoting their progress.


We believe that true popular government, justice and prosperity go hand in hand, and so believing, it is our purpose to secure that large measure of general prosperity which is the fruit of legitimate and honest business, fostered by equal justice and by sound progressive laws.

We demand that the test of true prosperity shall be the benefits conferred thereby on all the citizens not confined to individuals or classes and that the test of corporate efficiency shall be the ability better to serve the public; that those who profit by control of business affairs shall justify that profit and that control by sharing with the public the fruits thereof.

We therefore demand a strong National regulation of inter-State corporations. The corporation is an essential part of modern business. The concentration of modern business, in some degree, is both inevitable and necessary for National and international business efficiency. but the existing concentration of vast wealth under a corporate system, unguarded and uncontrolled by the Nation, has placed in the hands of a few men enormous, secret, irresponsible power over the daily life of the citizen--a power insufferable in a free government and certain of abuse.

This power has been abused, in monopoly of National resources, in stock watering, in unfair competition and unfair privileges, and finally in sinister influences on the public agencies of State and Nation. We do not fear commercial power, but we insist that it shall be exercised openly, under publicity, supervision and regulation of the most efficient sort, which will preserver its good while eradicating and preventing its evils.

To that end we urge the establishment of a strong Federal administrative commission of high standing, which shall maintain permanent active supervision over industrial corporations engaged in inter-State commerce, or such of them as are of public importance, doing for them what the Government now does for the National banks, and what is now done for the railroads by the Inter-State Commerce Commission.

Such a commission must enforce the complete publicity of those corporation transactions which are of public interest; must attack unfair competition, false capitalization and special privilege, and by continuous trained watchfulness guard and keep open equally to all the highways of American commerce.

Thus the business man will have certain knowledge of the law, and will be able to conduct his business easily in conformity therewith; the investor will find security for his capital; dividends will be rendered more certain, and the savings of the people will be drawn naturally and safely into the channels of trade.
Under such a system of constructive regulation, legitimate business, freed from confusion, uncertainty and fruitless litigation, will develop normally in response to the energy and enterprise of the American business man.

We favor strengthening the Sherman law by prohibiting agreements to divide territory or limit output; refusing to sell to customers who buy from business rivals; to sell below cost in certain areas while maintaining higher prices in other places; using the power of transportation to aid or injure special business concerns; and other unfair trade practices.

Commercial Development

The time has come when the Federal Government should co-operate with the manufacturers and producers in extending our foreign commerce. To this end we demand adequate appropriations by Congress and the appointment of diplomatic and consular officers solely with a view to their special fitness and worth, and not in consideration of political expediency.

It is imperative to the welfare of our people that we enlarge and extend our foreign commerce. We are pre-eminently fitted to do this because as a people we have developed high skill in the art of manufacturing; our business men are strong executives, strong organizers. In every way possible our Federal Government should co-operate in this important matter. Anyone who has had the opportunity to study and observe first-hand Germany's course in this respect must realize that their policy of co-operation between Government and business has in comparatively few years made them a leading competitor for the commerce of the world. It should be remembered that they are doing this on a national scale and with large units of business, while the Democrats would have us believe that we should do it with small units of business, which would be controlled not by the National Government but by forty-nine conflicting sovereignties. Such a policy is utterly out of keeping with the progress of the times and gives our great commercial rivals in Europe--hungry for international markets--golden opportunities of which they are rapidly taking advantage.


We believe in a protective tariff which shall equalize conditions of competition between the United States and foreign countries, both for the farmer and the manufacturer, and which shall maintain for labor an adequate standard of living.

Primarily the benefit of any tariff should be disclosed in the pay envelope of the laborer. We declare that no industry deserves protection which is unfair to labor or which is operating in violation of Federal law.
We believe that the presumptions always in favor of the consuming public.

We demand tariff revision because the present tariff is unjust to the people of the United States.

Fair-dealing toward the people requires an immediate downward revision of those schedules wherein duties are shown to be unjust or excessive.

We pledge ourselves to the establishment of a non-partisan scientific tariff commission, reporting both to the President and to either branch of Congress, which shall report, first, as to the costs of production, efficiency of labor, capitalization, industrial organization and efficiency and the general competitive position in this country and abroad of industries seeking protection from Congress; second, as to the revenue-producing power of the tariff and its relation to the resources of government; and third, as to the effect of the tariff on prices, operations of middlemen, and on the purchasing power of the consumer.

We believe that this commission should have plenary power to elicit information, and for this purpose to prescribe a uniform system of accounting for the great protected industries. The work of the commission should not prevent the immediate adoption of acts reducing those schedules generally recognized as excessive.

We condemn the Payne-Aldrich bill as unjust to the people. The Republican organization is in the hands of those who have broken and cannot again be trusted to keep, the promise of necessary downward revision. The Democratic Party is committed to the destruction of the protective system through a tariff for revenue only--a policy which would inevitably produce widespread industrial and commercial disaster.

We demand the immediate repeal of the Canadian Reciprocity Act.

High Cost of Living

The high cost of living is due partly to worldwide and partly to local causes; partly to natural and partly to artificial causes. The measures proposed in this platform on various subject, such as the tariff, the trusts and conservation, will of themselves tend to remove the artificial causes.

There will remain other elements, such as the tendency to leave the country for the city, waste, extravagance, bad system of taxation, poor methods of raising crops and bad business methods in marketing crops.

To remedy these conditions requires the fullest information, and based on this information, effective Government supervision and control to remove all the artificial causes. We pledge ourselves to such full and immediate inquiry and to immediate action to deal with every need such inquiry discloses.


We believe there exists imperative need for prompt legislation for the improvement of our National currency system. We believe the present method of issuing notes through private agencies is harmful and unscientific.

The issue of currency is fundamentally government function and the system should have as basic principles soundness and elasticity. The control should be lodged with the Government and should be protected from domination manipulation by Wall Street or any special interests.

We are opposed to the so-called Aldrich currency bill, because its provisions would place our currency and credit system in private hands, not subject to effective public control.


The natural resources of the Nation must be promptly developed and generously used to supply the people's needs, but we cannot safely allow them to be wasted, exploited, monopolized or controlled against the general good. We heartily favor the policy of conservation, and we pledge our party to protect the National forests without hindering their legitimate use for the benefit of all the people.
Agricultural lands in the National forests are, and should remain, open to the genuine settler. Conservation will not retard legitimate development. The honest settler must receive his patent promptly, without needless restrictions or delays.

We believe that the remaining forests, coal and oil lands, water powers and other natural resources still in State or National control (except agricultural lands) are more likely to be wisely conserved and utilized for the general welfare if held in the public hands.

In order that consumers and producers, managers and workmen, now and hereafter, need not pay toll to private monopolies of power and raw material, we demand that such resources shall be retained by the State of Nation and opened to immediate use under laws which will encourage development and make to the people a moderate return for benefits conferred.

In particular we pledge our party to require reasonable compensation to the public for water-power rights hereafter granted by the public.

We pledge legislation to lease the public grazing lands under equitable provisions now pending which will increase the production of food for the people and thoroughly safeguard the rights of the actual homemaker. Natural resources, whose conservation is necessary for the National welfare, should be owned or controlled by the Nation.


The rivers of the United States are the natural arteries of this continent. We demand that they shall be opened to traffic as indispensable parts of a great Nation-wide system of transportation in which the Panama Canal will be the central link, thus enabling the whole interior of the United States to share with the Atlantic and Pacific seaboards in the benefit derived from canal.
It is a National obligation to develop our rivers, and especially the Mississippi and its tributaries, without delay, under a comprehensive general plan covering each river system from its source to its mouth, designed to secure its highest usefulness for navigation, irrigation, domestic supply, water power and the prevention of floods.

We pledge our party to the immediate preparation of such a plan, which should be made and carried out in close and friendly co-operation between the Nation, the States and the cities affected.
Under such a plan, the destructive floods of the Mississippi and other streams, which represent vast and needless loss to the Nation, would be controlled by forest conservation and water storage at the headwaters, and by levees below; land sufficient to support millions of people would be reclaimed from the deserts and the swamps, water power enough to transform the industrial standing of whole States would be developed, adequate water terminals would be provided, transportation by river would revive, and the railroads would be compelled to co-operate as freely with the boat lines as with each other.
The equipment, organization and experience acquires in constructing the Panama Canal soon will be available for the Lakes-to-the-Gulf deep waterway and other portions of this great work, and should be utilized by the Nation in co-operation with the various States, at the lowest net cost to the people.

Panama Canal

The Panama Canal, built and paid for by the American people, must be used primarily for their benefit.

We demand that the canal shall be so operated as to break the transportation monopoly mow held and misused by the transcontinental railroads by maintaining sea competition with them; that ships directly or indirectly owned or controlled by American railroad corporations shall not be permitted to use the canal, and that American ships engaged in coastwise trade shall pay no tolls.

The Progressive Party will favor legislation having for its aim the development of friendship and commerce between the United States and Latin-American nations.


The coal and other natural resources of Alaska should be opened to development at once. They are owned by the people of the United States, and are safe from monopoly, waste or destruction only while so owned.

We demand that they shall neither be sold nor given away, except under the homestead law, but while held in Government ownership shall be opened to use promptly upon liberal terms requiring immediate development.

Thus the benefit of cheap fuel will accrue to the government of the United Stated and to the people of Alaska and the Pacific Coast; the settlement of extensive agricultural lands will be hastened; the extermination of the salmon will be prevented, and the just and wise development of Alaskan resources will take the place of private extortion or monopoly.

We demand also that extortion or monopoly in transportation shall be prevented by the prompt acquisition, construction or improvement by the Government of such railroads, harbor and other facilities for transportation as the welfare of the people may demand.

We promise the people of the Territory of Alaska the same measure of local self-government that was given to other American territories, and that officials appointed there shall be qualified by previous bona-fide residence in the Territory.

Equal Suffrage

The Progressive Party, believing that no people can justly claim to be a true democracy which denies political rights on account of sex, pledges itself to the task of securing equal suffrage to men and women alike.

Corrupt Practices

We pledge our party to legislation that will compel strict limitation on all campaign contributions and expenditures, and detailed publicity of both before as well as after primaries and elections.

Publicity and Public Service

We pledge our party to legislation compelling the registration of lobbyists; publicity of committee hearings except on foreign affairs, and recording of all votes in committee; and forbidding Federal appointees from holding office in State of National political organizations, or taking part as officers or delegates in political conventions for the nomination of elective State or National officials.

The Courts

The Progressive Party demands such restriction of the power of the courts as shall leave to the people the ultimate authority to determine fundamental questions of social welfare and public policy. To secure this end it pledges itself to provide:

1. That when an act, passed under the police power of the State, is held unconstitutional under the State Constitution, by the courts, the people, after an ample interval for deliberation, shall have opportunity to vote on the question whether they desire the act to become a law, notwithstanding such decision.

2. That every decision of the highest appellate court of a State declaring an act of the Legislature unconstitutional on the ground of its violation of the Federal Constitution shall be subject to the same review by the Supreme Court of the United States as is now accorded to decisions sustaining such legislation.

Administration of Justice

The Progressive Party, in order to secure to the people a better administration of justice and by that means to bring about a more general respect for the law and the courts, pledges itself to work unceasingly for the reform of legal procedure and judicial and methods.

We believe that the issuance of injunctions in cases arising out of labor disputes should be prohibited when such injunctions would not apply when no labor disputes existed.
We also believe that a person cited for contempt in the disputes, except when such contempt was committed in the actual presence of the court or so near thereto as to interfere with the proper administration of justice, should have a right to trial by jury.

Department of Labor

We pledge our party to establish a Department of Labor with a seat in the cabinet, and with wide jurisdiction over matters affecting the conditions of labor and living.

Country Life

The development and prosperity of country life as important to the people who live in the cities as they are to the farmers. Increase of prosperity on the farm will favorably affect the cost of living and promote the interests of all who dwell in the country, and all who depend upon its products for clothing, shelter and food.

We pledge out party to foster the development of agricultural credit and co-operation, the teaching of agriculture in schools, agricultural college extension, the use of mechanical power on the farm, and to re-establish the Country Life Commission, thus directly promoting the welfare of the farmers, and bringing the benefits of better farming, better business and better living within their reach.


We favor the union of all the existing agencies of the Federal Government dealing with the public health into a single National health service without discrimination against or for any one set of therapeutic methods, school of medicine, or school of healing with such additional powers as may be necessary to enable it to perform efficiently such duties in the protection of the public from preventable diseases as may be properly undertaken by the Federal authorities; including the executing of existing laws regarding pure food; quarantine and cognate subjects; the promotion of appropriate action for the improvement of vital statistics and the extension of the registration area of such statistics and co-operation with the health activities of the various States and cities of the Nation.


We pledge ourselves to the enactment of a patent law which will make it impossible for patents to be suppressed or used against the public welfare in the interests of injurious monopolies.

Inter-State Commerce Commission

We pledge our party to secure to the Inter-State Commerce Commission the power to value the physical property of railroads. In order that the power of the commission to protect the people may not be impaired or destroyed, we demand the abolition of the Commerce Court.

Good Roads

We recognize the vital importance of good roads and we pledge out party to foster their extension in every proper way, and we favor the early construction of National highways. We also favor the extension of the rural free delivery service.

Inheritance and Income Tax

We believe in a graduated inheritance tax as a National means of equalizing the obligations of holder of property to government, and we hereby pledge our party to enact such a Federal law as will tax large inheritances returning to the States an equitable percentage of all amounts collected.

We favor the ratification of the pending amendment to the Constitution giving the Government power to levy an income tax.

Peace and National Defense

Progressive Party deplores the survival in our civilization of the barbaric system of warfare among nations with its enormous waste of resources even in time of peace, and the consequent impoverishment of the life of the toiling masses. We pledge the party to use its best endeavors to substitutes judicial an other peaceful means of settling international differences.

We favor an international agreement for the limitation of naval forces. Pending such an agreement, and as the best means of preserving peace, we pledge ourselves to maintain for the present the policy of building two battleships a year.

Treaty Rights

We pledge our party to protect the rights of American citizenship at home and abroad. No treaty should receive the sanction of our government which discriminates between American citizens because of birthplace, race or religion, or that does not recognize the absolute right of expatriation.

The Immigrant

Through the establishment of industrial standards we propose to secure to the able-bodied immigrant and to his native fellow workers a larger share of American opportunity.

We denounce the fatal policy of indifference and neglect which has left our enormous immigrant population to become the prey of chance and cupidity.

We favor governmental action to encourage the distribution of immigrants away from the congested cities, to rigidly supervise all private agencies dealing with them and to promote their assimilation, education and advancement.


We pledge ourselves to a wise and just policy of pensioning American soldiers and sailors and their widows and children they Federal Government. And we approve the policy of the Southern States in granting pensions to the ex-Confederate soldiers and sailors and their widows and children.

Parcels Post

We pledge our party to the immediate creation of a parcels post, with rates proportionate to distance and service.

Civil Service

We condemn the violations of the civil service law under the present administration, including the coercion and assessment of subordinate employees, and the President' s refusal to punish such violation after a finding of guilty by his own commission; his distribution of patronage among subservient Congressmen, while withholding it from those who refuse support of administration measures; his withdrawal of nominations from the Senate until political support for himself was secured, and his open use of the offices to reward those who voted for his renomination.

To eradicate these abuses, we demand not only the enforcement of the civil service act in letter and spirit, but also legislation which will bring under the competitive system postmasters, collectors, marshals and all other non-political officers, as well as the enactment of an equitable retirement law, and we also insist upon continuous service during good behavior and efficiency.

Government Business Organization

We pledge our party to readjustment of the business methods of the National Government and a proper co-ordination of the Federal bureaus, which will increase the economy and efficiency of the Government service, prevent duplications and secret better results to the taxpayers for every dollar expended.

Government Supervision Over Investment

The people of the United States are swindled out of many millions of dollars every year, through worthless investments. The plain people, the wage-earner and the men and women with small savings, have no way of knowing the merit of concerns sending out highly colored prospectuses offering stock for sale, prospectuses that make big returns seem certain and fortunes easily within grasp.

We hold it to be the duty of the Government to protect its people form this kind of piracy. We, therefore, demand wise carefully-thought-out legislation that will give us such Governmental supervision over this matter as will furnish to the people of the United States this much-needed protection, and we pledge ourselves thereto.


On these principles and on the recognized desirability of uniting the Progressive forces of the Nation into an organization which shall unequivocally represent the Progressive spirit and policy we appeal for the support of all American citizens without regard to previous political affiliations.

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Michigan Governor Means To Shutter Public Schools

After a fire in January 2008, the James McMillan Elementary School, Detroit's oldest, stands bruised and battered at 615 South West End Avenue in the Delray neighborhood. photo: Inside Southwest
22-MAR-12:I wrote the piece below as satire, but not satire enough, I guess. The story appears to be coming true as Detroit melts down economically, and the Republican legislature invokes "Starve the Beast" and "Shock Doctrine" on the city. The state appointed an "emergency manager" (highly paid, well-connected consultant) to figure out what is wrong with the schools in Detroit (under-funded, under-subscribed, staff under-paid, board overfed). The answer, of course, is to privatize and bust unions -- how could there be any other answer from a Republican appointed hatchet man. Thus, the Republican legislature duly created the Education Achievement Authority of Michigan(EAA), chaired by none other than Mr. Roberts, the emergency manager. The EAA will function as a distinct school district (see: "Six Detroit high schools, 9 elementary schools transferred to new statewide school system," Detroit Free Press, 13-Mar-12), but without geographical boundaries. Ostensibly, it will incorporate the "worst of the worst" schools from Detroit Public Schools and other systems around the state. And who decides which Detroit schools are pushed into the EAA, and eventually privatized and non-unionized? Mr. Roberts, our good emergency  manager and chair of the EAA -- no conflict of interest there. So, at the expense of students, Detroit will now enrich shareholders in these "charter" ventures, kids will not be educated any better, but Republicans will have stuck it to school board, and gained a new source of morally-tainted campaign contributions to fund their nutcase campaign ads.

23-JUN-11: Michigan governor, Dick Snooter, released a proposal today to end funding for public schools in Michigan beginning with the next school year in September, 2011. All public school staff, teachers as well as administrators and maintenance crews, will be dismissed and replaced with new hires employed by for-profit charter schools. The charter schools will be administered by corporations who will bid on contracts to run schools on a per district basis. According to Governor Snooter, the state will save money at the same time that the corporate run schools will make money for their capitalized shareholders.

"We expect that education will become cheaper as companies compete to make a profit herding...I should say, shepherding...children through the grades, and when it comes to social programs, cheaper is always better." Governor Snooter said. "What is important to remember here is how well private, for-profit prisons and health care work for us now. This will do the same thing for education. In fact, some of the same companies that run our prisons will bid to run our schools, too."

Governor Snooter did acknowledge that because the new schools will be profit driven, less money will be available for books, teacher salaries, and school overhead, so students will be asked to pay a nominal tuition fee each year to make up the difference. "We think paying tuition will be good for the kids and the parents. It will force them to put a value on education, and not take it for granted."

"The cost of tuition is not expected to grow faster than the cost of private health care, around 4.9% per year, so if you pay the projected $1,000 per student today, that price will double in about 15 years," said an aide to the governor, F. Arty Blasdt. "And surely anyone with a real job can afford that. Of course, the growth rate could be much higher, who knows?" he added.

The governor also acknowledged that while the parents of some children might not be able to pay tuition to send their kids to school, he suggested perhaps those kids might be home-schooled with less ambitious goals in mind, like picture recognition rather than reading, and limiting math to addition and subtraction of numbers less than ten, with weightier subjects like multiplication and division left to children enrolled in charter schools. "Besides," the governor added, "most of these kids don't have health insurance, so it's a liability to have them attend school. It's better for everyone if they just stay home." And if an entire district is too poor to pay tuition? "That would be great news." The Governor said, adding, "We'll shut that district down, and funnel the money we save into expanded corporate tax cuts."

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The New Frontier: Can't Beat 'Em, Jail 'Em

Wikipedia: Incarceration in the United States

Here is something to contemplate: the US has the highest rate of incarceration in the world. And it has inclined in that direction mostly since the eighties when the free-market-cheering, corporate-welfare-clinging Republican Party, along with their trickle-down-demi-god, Ronald Reagan, came home to roost.

Wikipedia: Incarceration

Feast your eyes on that big, red, US-shaped smear on the map of the world. We are way out in front on this big negative, while we trail industrialized countries in most every positive: income distribution, education, health care, infant-mortality, environment, and infrastructure.

But do not despair. The US only locks up outliers from the fringes of civilized society. The worthless, irredeemable, reprobates who, despite all of the glittering opportunities thrown at their feet, choose instead to sell dope on a trash strewn, traffic-polluted street corner. Or, they concoct methamphetamine in a moldering, abandoned camper, parked on the edge of an abandoned farm in some godforsaken neck of nowhere. Why do this, despite all the comprehensive education and gainful employment opportunities offered to them? Why would they pursue these risky livelihoods rather than clickety-clack on laptop keyboards in well-appointed, air conditioned offices where a lifetime supply of inviting beige cubicles await them? Well, it must be true what our great social benefactors, titans of industry, tell us: these lost souls are just too addle-minded and undisciplined; too un-ambitious; too lacking in level-headed aspiration to make it in this fair-minded Anglo-Saxon, Judeo-Christian, e pluribus unum culture of ours. And most are too brown-skinned. At least the statistics say as much:
According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) non-Hispanic blacks accounted for 39.4% of the total prison and jail population in 2009.[37] According to the 2010 census of the US Census Bureau blacks (including Hispanic blacks) comprised 12.6% of the US population.[38][39][40] Hispanics (of all races) were 20.6% of the total jail and prison population in 2009.[37]. Hispanics comprised 16.3% of the US population according to the 2010 US census.
Our little drug problem, which we seem so good at making everyone else's problem, mostly explains why so many of our citizens are locked up. Our "war on drugs" is a war we have lost. Miserably. Unless you happen to be a proud recipient of a federal or state contract to operate a private, for-profit prison. Then the war on drugs goes just fine by you. The more folks we lock up, the fatter your balance sheet grows. And that fatter balance sheet means fatter bonuses and a swelling salary for you, Oh Captain of Finance.

And that fatter, for-profit prison balance sheet means richer stock appreciation and dividend yields for capitalized shareholders -- the good folks, the most prominent and influential of whom -- wait for it -- do not produce anything, do not work for a living by most definitions, but instead live off their capital gains, taxed at the gentle rate of 15% (investments held > 5 years, 20% beginning in 2013). Yes, the cream of US society, those most eager to condemn those shiftless tenement dwellers, partly suck their parasitic succor from the bodies of prison inmates. The more the merrier. We must never surrender in our war on drugs, they will tell you, these capitalized idle who inherit their wealth and influence, just like their inmates inherit their lack of wealth and lack of influence. We must defend our little babies, they insist, against the perils of predatory, dope dealers: brown-skinned denizens of the dark, forbidding, urban enclaves of iniquity; and inbred, pale-skinned, country, trailer trash hid out in back road honky-tonks. If you are poor, you are a candidate for the big house.

Yes, Sir. The war on drugs goes just fine, as long as the rich get to toss the powerless "other" in prison, for a profit, along with the complicity of our political machine. And there are always plenty enough of accommodating, "tough on crime" Republican politicians willing to dip their snouts in the lobbyists' money trough. We can rest assured, failing a major shake up of the well-oiled political meat-grinder, that the prison-industrial-complex will never be legislated out of existence for so pitiable a cause as morality.

And make no mistake, the "tough on crime," mandatory sentencing ruse of Republican office seekers is what dooms most inmates:
A 2008 New York Times article[31] points out:
Still, it is the length of sentences that truly distinguishes American prison policy. Indeed, the mere number of sentences imposed here would not place the United States at the top of the incarceration lists. If lists were compiled based on annual admissions to prison per capita, several European countries would outpace the United States. But American prison stays are much longer, so the total incarceration rate is higher. ... "Rises and falls in Canada's crime rate have closely paralleled America's for 40 years," Mr. Tonry wrote last year. "But its imprisonment rate has remained stable."(source: Wikipedia -- Incarceration in the United States)
No, the prison-industrial-vacuum will continue to suck up poor men by the truckload and make a good buck snuffing out any hope these officially disenfranchised chattel might have for a meaningful, human existence.

And yeah, the corporate drones do it for the money.

Update: "We're in the jailhouse now", The Economist, 22-Jun-11 :: Lots of useful links to more, and more current, info. Even the conservative, but reasonably objective, Economist points out the "thin" evidence on the economics of prison privatization, not to mention the inherent conflict of interest created by for-profit prisons.

source: democratic underground::orwellian_ghost -- United States Prison Industrial Complex
Update 15-Jan-12 -- Democracy Now reports:

Friday, June 17, 2011

Sixth and last mass extinction?

Threat status of comprehensively assessed species by IUCN. Source: IUCN, compiled by Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (2010) Global Biodiversity Outlook 3, May 2010, p. 28 (visit for larger image) more info see: Loss of Biodiversity and Extinctions
UPDATE: Scientists Warn That Ocean's Marine Life on "Brink of Extinction", Truthout, June 23, 2011

Here and there, insightful and eloquent essays and articles pop up, and they remind me that there are a few thoughtful, observant, and empathetic folks around. And I think, maybe we can head off ecological (and economic) calamity. Who knows? Gotta keep swingin' for the fences, right? The following quote comes from one of those thoughtful people, sad though it is:
And yet, in the earth's sixth great extinction event, currently under way, many organisms — great and small — are silently sliding unnamed into oblivion. According to some estimates, by the end of the 21st century, one-quarter or more of all species of plants and animals now living will have gone extinct or been issued a non-refundable one-way ticket off the planet. And they are being snuffed out at a rate that is 1,000 times more rapid than that of any extinction event documented in the fossil record. This great disappearing act, as Gruchow points out, is "one of destroying, and thereby rendering forever nameless, more information about life than we are gaining."
A Home Before the End of the World, Adelheid Fischer, Design Observer Group
Read the whole story, ponder its implications, and then go out and learn the names of a few plants and trees and animals...before they are gone. Forever.

Have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Republicans Demand Welfare For Corporate Factory Farms

By Republican standards, a worthy farm subsidy recipient -- not your typical family farm :: The Archer Daniels Midland Co. co-generation facility in Clinton, Quad City Business Joural
Rugged Republican "individualists" once again insist that overfed, under-taxed corporate executives and shareholders, like Archer Daniels Midland's (see: Cato Institute analysis of ADM's dependance on subsidies), require public assistance to maintain their high living standard:
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Republicans have quietly maneuvered to prevent a House spending bill from chipping away at federal farm subsidies, instead forging ahead with much larger cuts to domestic and international food aid.
The GOP move will probably prevent up to $167 million in cuts in direct payments to farmers, including some of the nation's wealthiest. The maneuver, along with the Senate's refusal Tuesday to end a $5 billion annual tax subsidy for ethanol-gasoline blends, illustrates just how difficult it will be for Congress to come up with even a fraction of the trillions in budget savings over the next decade that Republicans have promised.
Meanwhile, the annual bill to pay for food and farm programs next year would cut food aid for low-income mothers and children by $685 million, about 10 percent below this year's budget.
read more: Republicans dodge farm subsidy cuts :: AP