Friday, December 3, 2010

No Rogers City Power Plant

My recent letter to the editors of local papers, prompted by a Sierra Club request, Send a Letter to the Editor About the Wolverine Coal Plant:

The Rogers City coal-fired power plant is unnecessary -- projected electricity demand is flat in Michigan for the foreseeable future. For that reason, its permit was denied by the state. So what if demand increases? We can easily meet that demand with efficiency improvements for existing consumers, which are at least ten times cheaper than building new generating capacity, and it will cut existing consumers' bills instead of increasing them. California has used this approach since the 1980's. And efficiency is clean and safe. It doesn't generate mountains of toxic coal ash that will threaten groundwater for generations and require clean up at taxpayers' expense. Efficiency improvements will create a lot of long-term, well-paid jobs for evaluators and installers. Building a coal plant will not. So why build it? Wolverine management want to build it because that's their only means of increasing revenue, and boosting executive salaries. Full stop. Learn more:

Now, Send a Letter to the Editor About the Wolverine Coal yourself. Thanks!

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