Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Nukes Do Nothing To Prevent Catastrophic Climate Change

Here's a note that I sent, via the Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS), to my Senators today:
Nuclear power is not a least-cost, or least-delay, source of energy. For every dollar spent on nuclear energy, we lose $10 worth of energy gained from much cheaper efficiency, or up to $2 gained from rapidly deployed clean, safe renewable sources (E05-15_MightyMice.pdf [page 5]).
And, we loose precious time -- no nuclear plant, if construction started today, would have any meaningful impact on mitigating the climate crisis we face. Nukes are too slow to build to do any good. So, be reasonable. Rule out nukes now, before we waste precious money and time.

Why not make informed, rational decisions on this issue?

read more:
Rocky Mountain Institute Library
my blog -- energy

I hope they read it. I hope anyone reads it. Have a look at the Rocky Mountain Institute link above.

And then visit NIRS, and send a letter of your own.

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