Thursday, January 13, 2011

Leaked? Republican Manifesto?

A strange e-mail appeared in my inbox last night. It was sent from a gmail account, so it could be from anybody. Still, the text expresses an unusually candid view of modern Republican Party ideology.

I feel conflicted about making the document public. While I think it is an honest and accurate representation of RNCC principles, I also think it casts a broad net. Many members of the party signed up decades ago before the party was helmed by duplicitous corporate henchmen. These days, citizens with a libertarian, small-government bent who are not rich, scheming plutocrats might register with the Republicans unaware that the original charter of the party has been co-opted by morally corrupt demagogues.

Or, perhaps new recruits are  mean-spirited, and motivated purely by self interest -- surely, plenty of Democrats and Independents could be accused of that, too. For that matter, I reckon most Democratic politicians are owned and operated by deep-pocketed corporations, unions, and law firms. Politicians from both parties are corrupt, but it's a question of degree and long term impact, for which the Republicans are uncontested for first place.

With those caveats stated, whatever their explanation for calling themselves Republican, I think most of the party rank and file are not actively scheming to destroy our country and our planet. My quarrel is not with them. Nor, I suspect, does the source of this document have any quarrel with Republican rank and file. Our quarrel is with the short-sighted, venal Party elders.

With that in mind, I offer for your inspection:

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