Friday, November 19, 2010

Kentucky Cancels Coal Plant, New Power Movement Electrifies Grassroot Alliance

Electricity consumption by nation: http://en.­wikipedia.­org/wiki/L­ist_of_cou­ntries_by_­electricit­y_consumpt­ion

Union of Concerned Scientists sustainable energy info, including job creation: http://www­.ucsusa.or­g/clean_en­ergy/solut­ions/renew­able_energ­y_solution­s/clean-en­ergy-green­-jobs.html

My own renewable energy info collection: http://com­pletelybak­ed.blogspo­­ch/label/R­enewables

Efficiency is the cheapest electricity source, and requires no infrastructure. And the US is very, very inefficient, which amounts to throwing money away. Which is like buying oil from Canada (80% of imported oil) and Saudi Arabia...and on and on.

We ought to accept change, instead of clinging to the past and its archaic economic drags. Fear not the future...

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