Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First Salvo In Social Security Fight: OweNo, A $20 Million Campaign Launched With Bayh, Conrad As Allies

Yeah, let's privatize Social Security so Wall Street gets their pound of flesh, and beneficiaries are subject to the vagaries of the market. They can spend their retirement years pondering the business section, and they'll still lose. But the brokers will win. The house always wins.

A few tweaks and Social Security is fine. Get rid of Medicare Part D, and let the gov negotiate better volume discounts for meds, and medicare is fine. Don't believe the starve the beast rhetoric on the right.

Privatization sounds like a great GOP idea: kick old folks -- the ones who actually kept the country running during their working lives -- into the gutter. Let them eat cake...

And what about this "GOP Young Guns" thing? Are we gonna let 'em get away with that kind of tin-eared goofiness? more here:

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