Sunday, November 14, 2010

Finding truth...

It seems that Republicans always seem to discover the error of their ways long after they've wreaked havoc on the country, and profited from it (I'm thinking now of Robert McNamara's regret of escalating the Vietnam war, but there have been others.).

David Stockman, budget director in the first Reagan administration, and supply-side zealot, presided over income tax cuts in the eighties that ran the country into a ditch, and started the long middle-class slide into the abyss.

Now, Mr. Stockman thinks the Bush tax cuts for rich people, paid for by poor people, are not so good for the country. This revelation is deja vu all over for Stockman: he blamed Reagan's "starve the beast" tax cut hijinks for the ballooning deficit and crushing recession that followed. He wrote a book about it. From which sales he no doubt made a pile of money.

Wow. I guess the scales fell from his eyes...again. Still, I'm grateful he has the courage to stand up and elucidate the obvious. Fiscal-fiasco Republicans rarely reach that level of enlightenment.

Here's the story in the NY Times, "A Republican for Higher Taxes"

Our current flock of self-serving Congressional Republicans will surely revile Mr. Stockman as traitor.

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