Friday, March 18, 2011

Why Obama Isn't Fighting the Budget Battle

This is comment on the Huffington Post article by Robert Reich, "Why Obama Isn't Fighting the Budget Battle"

"So many jobs have been lost since Obama was elected and so many people have entered the workforce needing jobs that even if job growth were to match the extraordin­ary pace of the late 1990s, year after year, the unemployme­nt rate wouldn't fall below 6 percent until 2016. That pace of job growth is unlikely, to say the least."

These numbers are humbling, Mr. Reich. Thanks for another dunk in the icy water of reality.

IMHO, we need a Value Added Tax to suppress imports and encourage exports, an end to our lopsided free trade practices, and to roll back those nasty Bush tax cuts that feed the overfed. No more cuts, please. This is death by a thousand cuts, already.

more on the VAT here: http://com­pletelybak­ed.blogspo­­ch/label/V­AT

Peace out.

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