Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Don Siegelman: An American Political Prisoner

This guy got screwed big time. He reported to jail in Alabama yesterday (11-Sep-2012).

He tried to pass a referendum guaranteeing free college education to impoverished students in Alabama... Karl Rove & Co threw him in jail so his opponent in his campaign for governor would win.

They convicted Siegelman of taking a bribe, but the charge is unfounded and unprecedented in terms of overreaching. Lots of people who know, say so. No matter, his opponent's wife was the federal prosecutor. This case has gone on for years, Siegelman spent nine months in jail, and his life is pretty much ruined. And then the Supreme Court turned down his appeal.

I never thought this prosecution would be at this point. I am at
the end of my rope and you are my last hope for freedom.

I thought Karl Rove’s involvement and the fact that my
prosecutor’s husband was running my opponent’s campaign
would have ended this. -- Don Seigelman

When I grew up, teachers told us about this sort of persecution happening in the Soviet Union and banana republics and I felt glad to be an American. Can we feel glad if this conviction stands?

If you sympathize at all, and do not believe the US should imprison people for political opposition, please sign the petition.

Visit his page,, or go straight to the petition at

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