Monday, August 15, 2011


What’s up with bat-shit, crazy-ass Republican politicians? Apathy and ignorance, that’s what. That’s what got them elected, and bat-shit, crazy-ass Republican politicians mean to stay elected. For-effing-ever, or at least until they can get a cushy, overpaid sinecure at some lobbying firm, or law firm in lobbyist’s clothing. Some place so corrupt an honest man’s nose bleeds when he walks in the door and inhales the fetid air.

These guys, these Republican politicians, give not a sliver about the people who elect them. These guys ain’t stupid. Dumb maybe, but they ain’t stupid. But they sure as shit are certain their wide-eyed, howling constituency is. Stupid, that is. Stupid enough to vote for bat-shit, crazy-ass Republican politicians who, over and over, slip the knife into their hapless voters' backs. These voters get snookered, but they must crave it: they beg for more abuse every chance they get.

The professional politicians they elect -- campaign-trail-commandos -- know perfectly well who votes for them: the utterly, profoundly, stunningly ignorant; lazy bastards who can’t bring themselves to tune out the hate porn on Fox News. They can’t bring themselves to tune out the “fair and balanced” network long enough to read a page or two from a reputable newspaper. And by reputable, I mean USA Today would be a start. Forget the New York Times. Forget the Washington Post (it’s "conservative," but still reputable!!). Or the LA Times, or the San Francisco Chronicle, the New Orleans Times-Picayune, or even the Des Moines Register, for crying out loud. Forget any place where the truth might reside.

No, these proud, patriotic, red-blooded Americans can’t be bothered with that “reading” or "truth" shit; got no time for that. Besides, they already know everything they need to know. Their opinions are well formed and God given. Give 'em some shouting, acid-spewing, CEO-ass-licker on Fox News -- Beck, O’Reilly, or some such cookie-cutter, copy and paste, bloviating, blowhard.Or, if these voters do read, they read stuff that won't inadvertently enlighten them, or broaden their narrow perspective on life. They read stuff like:, The Right Sphere, Breitbart, or some such semi-literate, sophomoric, I-hate-you-because-you-want-me-to-care-about-people-who-don't-share-my-bigotry-and-greed nonsense.

That’s the ticket: blame the lefties, blame the socialists, blame the progressives, blame the Jews, blame the blacks, blame the immigrants, blame women, blame men who don’t act like men, blame children who can’t read, blame unions, blame environmentalists...blame fucking everyone but too-lazy-to-think, or too-lazy-too-learn-anything-about-who-the-hell-you-are-voting-for, lazy-ass, right-wing haters. And then vote for someone who promises -- promises! -- to put a hurt on everyone else; everyone else except our self-righteous, sanctimonious, God-fearing, white-skinned, Anglo-Saxon "conservatives."

These are the folks who gleefully hold hands and walk themselves and the rest of this once proud nation over a cliff; and they coo about the blissful afterlife they’ve been promised -- promised!!! -- while they do it. These people are desperate and utterly deceived. And they want someone else to pay for their discontent.

Hate is why these fools vote Republican jackals into office. Jackals who will say anything -- anything! -- to keep cozy, PAC-fed seats in Congress. Political operatives who are feckless, benighted, drones who don’t deserve the dignity of mucking out sewers on their hands and knees with teaspoons. And yet, their electorate bestows on them Congressional seats, which they soil with their overfed, putrefying corpses while they spew the party line their corporate benefactors feed them intravenously under the table.A party line, which incidentally, drives their constituents deeper into poverty, economic insecurity, and discontent, thus ensuring the reelection of the same lying demagogues all over again.

It is absurd, and it is the IDIOCRACY that we inhabit, and will inhabit for the foreseeable future. And a quite easily foreseeable future it is, given our anemic commitment to containing the environmental disasters that now engulf our profit-sullied planet.

We get the government we deserve. And if we think we deserve better, we must compel ourselves to expose the malfeasance, corruption, and duplicity of the Criminal Right. For too long they have exploited the decency, the rectitude, and the apathy of the left. Let's speak up. Let's shame these clowns back into the filth encrusted caves they crawled out of when Ronny Reagan blew his dog whistle.

Sorry for the coarse and cold hearted rant. I know I risk the perception that I hate just like those I condemn -- if you know me, you know otherwise. The sentient among us have no choice but to shame the willfully ignorant, the civically negligent, the chronically self-serving into doing the right thing.

Let's stop treating corrupt robber barons, snake oil salesmen, and carpetbaggers like they hold valid opinions that simply differ from our own. They don’t hold valid opinions. They don't simply differ. Ignorant and uninformed does not a valid opinion make, and I wish the press -- our one and only firewall against organized misinformation -- would find the courage to expose “Republican” interlopers for what they are: thieves and scoundrels.

Simple civic duty compels citizens with hearts and minds and knowledge to stand up to mindless mob tyranny. The pen is mightier than the sword. Call liars liars, and thieves thieves, and watch them blink under the glare of infamy; watch them scurry back under the rocks where they naturally reside.

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