Friday, July 15, 2011

Republicans are lying wankers...

The Lie:
"They've been unwilling to put a real plan on the table. Without serious spending cuts, without real reforms to entitlement programs, this problem is not going to be solved," Boehner said after a meeting of House Republicans.
Obama, Republicans trade demands for debt plan
UPDATE 07/22/11:
Boehner, in a speech on the House floor following the Senate vote, said, "The House has acted. ...We've done our job. The Democrats who run Washington have done nothing. They can't stop spending the American people's money. They won't and they refuse."
Senate rejects House GOP budget-cutting plan
UPDATE 07/26/11:
Representative Eric Cantor, the chamber’s majority leader, told fellow Republicans to “stop grumbling and whining and to come together as conservatives and rally behind” the House speaker John A. Boehner’s plan. (Right. Boehner does not offer a plan, he offers a maneuver to defeat President Obama in 2012. And Mr. Cantor should stay mum on whining -- he's proven himself Whiner In Chief of the House.)
Boehner Plan Faces G.O.P. Resistance and Veto Threat
UPDATE 07/29/11:
But Mr McConnell accused Democrats of wasting precious time and obstructing a deal by vowing to block Mr Boehner's bill, should it be passed in the House.
"Republicans have been doing the hard work of governing this week," he said.
Mr Boehner's plan faces certain rejection by the Democratic-controlled Senate, as well as a White House veto threat, but could form the basis of an eventual compromise.
It would reduce spending by about $900bn and raise the debt limit by nearly the same amount.
Speaker John Boehner's plan cannot pass the Democratic-controlled Senate. (and Boehner's plan requires an impossible balanced budget amendment to the constitution; and any future increases in the debt limit would be contingent on Congress approving the constitutional amendment and sending it to the states for ratification. -- utter political nonsense.) 
Obama underscores urgency of debt-plan deal
The Truth:
The White House says Obama has agreed to roughly $1.7 trillion in spending cuts and wants tax increases to fill out the rest of a plan to increase the debt ceiling long enough to get the country through 2012, when Obama and most lawmakers are up for re-election.
Obama, Republicans trade demands for debt plan
UPDATE 07/20/2011:
A bipartisan group of senators called the ‘Gang of Six’ outlined a $3.7 trillion deficit-reduction plan and Obama embraced it this week. Some Republicans have endorsed it or signaled openness to considering it (whatever that means).
Obama Aide, Boehner Say No Debt-Limit Deal
UPDATE 07/26/11:
Speaker Boehner’s plan is not a compromise,” said Mr. Reid, after meeting with Senate Democrats. “It was written for the Tea Party and not the American people. Democrats will not vote for it. Democrats will not vote for it. Democrats will not vote for it. It’s dead on arrival in the Senate, if they get it out of the House.”
Boehner Plan Faces G.O.P. Resistance and Veto Threat
UPDATE 07/29/11:
The Reid plan - which Mr Obama supports - would cut $2.2tn from deficits, and raise the debt ceiling by $2.7tn.
Obama underscores urgency of debt-plan deal

And then there is Senator McConnell. Senator Mitch McConnell's brave and brilliant proposal is to swerve away from a joint initiative between Congress and the President to raise the debt limit -- like Congress and the President have done 89 times before -- and instead drop the whole thing in the President's lap and let him do it unilaterally. Why? Because then McConnell, the weasel, can run ads that say the profligate Obama once again went spending wild.

Or how about that brilliant idea for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution proposed by those Republican wizards in the house (GOP adds constitutional amendment to budget fight). This has been tried before. Most recently in 1995 when it went nowhere. It was never meant to go anywhere then, and it isn't meant to now either. It is a farce. It is a stupid stalling tactic. Such an amendment would take years for the states to ratify. We do not have years to screw around. We need the debt ceiling raised now. We need the Bush tax cuts rolled back now. We need corporate tax loopholes closed now. And that is all we need. We do not need a Constitutional amendment.  We do not need to hold hands and pray. We do not need to attach anti-abortion, and pro-gun amendments to the bill. We need the damn debt ceiling raised. And maybe end a couple of tragic, self-defeating wars for good, thank you.

What cowards Republican politicians are. (Democrats are not much better, but at least they pay lip service to rational thought, like the necessity for everyone to have health insurance, Social Security, and Medicare; or the need to stop consuming coal and oil, and replace them with renewables; or the fact that if you blow mountaintops away, and dump oil in the Gulf forever we won't be left with such a nice place to live.)

Republicans can't even bring themselves to grasp these realities, much less admit to voters that they exist, or that their policies and wars will ruin many, many lives for generations to come...not to mention the entire planet turned into a scorched wasteland and most species extinct.

No. Republicans want their And that is all that matters to Republicans.

Screw the rest of you.

Oh, yeah. One more thing. While they argue and pose...
Deal or no deal? US downgrade looking likely

And that will hurt who? No, not Wall Street investment and commercial bankers (well a little, but they will survive just fine). It will hurt all the "middle-class" losers who own Treasuries or American equities, or shares in investment vehicles that do.

Bye, bye comfy retirement for all you straight up, un-rich, AARP members. Hello less comfy retirement. Sorry.


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