Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Help! We're Hostage To A Bunch Of Clowns

The debt ceiling looms, and Democrats in Congress once again fail to take on the Republican/Tea Party/Koch-Brother-Americans-for-Prosperity nutcases who eagerly run this country off the rails in the avaricious pursuit of lucre. Rational people are held hostage by howling lunatics like John Boehner, Republican Speaker of the House:
"Americans understand we simply can't keep spending money we don't have," Boehner said. "There will be no debt limit increase without serious budget reforms and significant spending cuts." US hits credit limit, setting up 11-week fight
This is patently foolish and crassly deceptive, but Boehner and his mendacious crew repeat that phrase like the mantra of an over-medicated serial killer. What about an offer to cut wasteful, white-collar welfare defense spending? What about repealing income, capital gain and estate tax cuts for rich people? What about corporate tax loopholes? What about it, Boehner? Cantor? Nothing. Silence. Dumb silence.

The notion that this guy Boehner, and his crooked cronies, Cantor, McCarthy, and the rest occupy seats in the US Congress astonishes me. That otherwise decent people fall for their baloney and vote for them is more astonishing. Worse still, intelligent people afford this insane blathering and flat out lying the dignity of rational, measured replies. These Republican politicians are crooks; paid shills for blundering corporate hacks who know no other way to turn a buck then to beat it out of compliant bystanders, crushed into compliance by persistent cries that the end of the world awaits failure to appease the corporate thugs: war on terror! socialism! left-coast wackos! fruits and nuts! they'll take our guns! abort our fetuses! murder out god! kill us with death panels! tear up the Constitution!

Republican "business leaders" are chickenshit candy asses who can't get out of their own way to earn an honest living, and instead rely on government subsidies, off-shore slave labor, destructive environmental exploitation, and tax loopholes to stay in the money (see private equity funds, leveraged buyouts, carried interest; Glass-Steagall; the Enron loophole; proprietary trading; free-trade; taxpayer funded environmental externalities, such as the destruction of the Gulf of Mexico by an oil spill, or Appalachia by mountaintop removal -- for oil, and coal we do not need; gasbag hydro-frack-ers who will poison every drop of groundwater in the country if we let them; toxic, stinking, fly-infested concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO's) ...and don't forget: starve-the-beast).
"It (failure to raise the debt limit, which we've done ten times since 2001) would tell the world that the U.S. can't get its act together, that this is basically a circus," says William Gross, an influential investor who is managing director of the world's biggest bond fund, Pimco. "Investors ultimately won't want to be held hostage by a bunch of clowns." US hits credit limit, setting up 11-week fight
If Boehner and friends are so damn concerned about the national debt, why don't they assume some austerity themselves and cut their salaries by two thirds, ride Greyhound to and from their district, liquidate their 401k's and make donations to the treasury, and forgo health insurance like millions of poor slobs forced to beg for an extension of unemployment insurance after Republican "business leaders" and financial wizards pulled the rug out from under them and left us in a third world country.

Next stop for the unemployed is an underpass and a street corner where they can beg for spare change. But, don't whine! Lift yourself up by your bootstraps!. Lie and steal like our Republican "entrepreneurs" and Wall Street wizards do. That's the American way.

If anyone reads this, consider voting for the Green Party. The Democrats are hopeless as a defense against Republican malfeasance, and the Green Party offers a truly rational platform unbought by corporate thugs. Hope is Green...


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