Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Keep Alaska's Landscape Clean

Tundra wetlands along the Nigu River -- NPR-A

Earthjustice sent me an e-mail asking me to send a comment to the Bureau of Land Management on its new management plan for the National Petroleum Reserve - Alaska (NPR-A).

American Geological Institute

Earthjustice provides lots of sample text, but theirs seems a little too verbose for me. Here's what I wrote:
As the Bureau of Land Management develops a new management plan for the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, I urge the BLM to consider the notion that the value of wildlife, wilderness, subsistence and recreation might exceed the value of the oil and gas in this region.

Why trash it? And it will be trashed. Habitats will be destroyed, the soil and water will be marred and polluted. The place will never be the same again. And you have the power to prevent this needless desecration. Use it. Stop oil and gas development in the NPR-A before it starts.

Think beyond short term profits for oil and gas companies. This is more important than that. This region's health is more important than anyone's personal enrichment.

We don't need this oil and gas. Improved efficiency and renewables can take their place, using existing, proven technology.

Utukok Uplands -- NPR-A, Richard Kahn

Now, you should pop over to Earthjustice and send a comment ( to the BLM, too.

Otherwise, their gonna do what the oil and gas companies tell 'em to do. And you know how that'll end. Like BP's perfectly safe drilling operation in the Gulf of Mexico.

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